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    What is a Gyroplane? | History | ArrowHawk | ShadowHawk

    The ArrowHawk Gyroplane

    The ArrowHawk

    The new ArrowHawk Gyroplane is an ingenious convergence of GBA’s advanced autorotative flight technologies with its vast experience in gyroplane development. Designed to emerge as the world’s most practical and cost-effective runway independent aircraft, GBA’s ArrowHawk can be significantly more profitable for commercial applications and can provide significant savings for law enforcement and government agencies as well.

    Needing no runway, the GBA ArrowHawk leaps into the air like a helicopter, lands vertically, and yet flies at the higher speeds offered by fixed-wing airplanes. It carries up to 7 people and does all of this at a fraction of the operational cost of a typical helicopter. Best of all, a properly designed gyroplane is the safest form of powered flight. Unlike an airplane, it cannot stall and does not need a runway in an emergency. Because the non-powered rotor is used only for lift, it has a fraction of the helicopter’s complexity and since it flies in constant autorotation, it is much easier to land in an emergency. Its lack of complexity keeps costs down, dramatically improves reliability and mission readiness, and provides greater safety because there are very few parts in danger of failing in flight.

    ArrowHawk Advanced

    The ArrowHawk incorporates GBA’s most advanced rotorcraft technologies and cruising at 160 kts, its range is 618 n.m. with reserve. This unparalleled performance for rotor wing aircraft is possible because of important GBA breakthroughs, providing a significant competitive edge over any other vertical takeoff option. The ArrowHawk’s capabilities were developed from GBA’s preproduction four-seat Hawk 4, the world’s first turbine powered Gyroplane. The Hawk 4, flown safely since 2000, performed very impressively in an aerial observation role as part of official security for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The technology behind the ArrowHawk stems from GBA’s extensive gyroplane and gyrodyne experience, recognized by its selection for gyroplane research by DARPA, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.

    Provisional Specifications:

    • Passenger Transport - 1 pilot + 6 passengers
    • Cargo Carrying Volume - 1 pilot + 5.07 cu m (179.04 cu. ft.)
    • Baggage Compartment volume - 0.72 cu m (25.44 cu. ft.)
    • Empty weight - 825 kg (1,820 lb)
    • Useful load - 989 kg (2,180 lb)
    • Maximum take-off weight - 1,814 kg (4,000 lb)
    • Max Speed, VNE - 367 km/h (198 kts)
    • Standard Cruise Speed - 297 km/h (160 kts)
    • Dash Speed - 319 km/h (172 kts)
    • Rate of Climb - 7,62 m/sec. 457 m/min. (1,500 ft/min.)
    • Jump take-off, no ground roll @ MGW - Density Alt. 2,000 m (6,562 ft)
    • Take-off Ultra-Short (10 m) Ground Roll @ MGW - Density Alt. 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
    • Service Ceiling (ISA) - 4,893 m (16,000 ft)
    • Range at standard cruise (without fuel reserve) - 1,145 km (618 n.m.)
    • Endurance at standard cruise speed (no reserve) - 4.42 Hours
    • Max Endurance at economy cruise speed (no reserve) - 6 Hours
    ArrowHawk Tourism

    The ArrowHawk - Tourism and Sightseeing

    It’s all about profitability.  In aerial Sightseeing, as with any highly competitive business, being able to reduce costs can make the difference between profit and no profit, with the low cost operator able to control the ticket price charged to the customer.  Though the ArrowHawk Gyroplane operates at about 60% the cost of a helicopter, profit margins can be two to five times greater depending upon the ticket price.  And, because operating costs are so low in a gyroplane, prices can be reduced even to the point where the helicopter operator makes little or no profit; yet still enjoy more profit than the helicopters provided in the first place.  A lower price can also significantly increase the number of customers able and willing to afford the ticket, further increasing overall profit by increasing volume.  The ArrowHawk’s superior performance could eventually make helicopter tours obsolete.

    ArrowHawk Executive

    The ArrowHawk – Executive/Personal Travel

    Corporate travel and aircraft ownership has been a mainstay for offering executives the flexibility they need to aggressively pursue opportunities as they emerge.  Although more vital than ever, increasing costs and decreasing budgets are resulting in new cutbacks in many companies worldwide.  The GBA Concept, are aircraft that can quickly reverse this trend and even make private and corporate point to point travel possible where it was previously unaffordable.  More travel by executives, with comfort, range, and safety exceeding helicopters, offers more opportunities for increasing earnings and for troubleshooting.  There’s a revolution coming.  The GBA ArrowHawk Gyroplane is destined to become the new standard for cost-effective executive travel.